The View from Here

Poles that seem to reach for the clouds, of all

shapes and sizes, merrily dancing

along a gracious sea of blue.

The flowers shower the garden, with

 an explosion of colour, like a rainbow

once the rain has fallen....





Shall We Climb?

Shall we climb my lovely, shall we climb?

Let me take your hand;

And lead you away from the World below.


Shall we follow the path as it leads us on new adventures?

And listen to the native tongue of the babbling brook,

That speaks as we walk by....






Childhood Dreams

Bony arms reach towards clouds that sail across

a sea of pure blue.  New life bursts forth, an array of greens. 

Small branches sigh, as they bow their heads,

Towards the babbling water, that speaks


in foreign tongues, twisting and turning, a forever

wanderer, on a path carved out

over thousands of years.  The petrichor scent, holding

my nostrils captive....










10,000 voices

mingle into a high pitched

crescendo.  Eyes bulging

In the sockets, hands to

ears.  Blackness.


Words in monotone, no

understanding.  Fire burning

inside, Smoke invades my nostrils and

eyes.  Salty tears fall, as

I fight this war within my head....





Don't Look Down On Me

  You throw your ideas from a loose hand,

And let them drift down slowly in a random fall,

Trying to bombard my already muddled brain,

And make me come round to your way of thinking.


The noise in my head unbearable, you see my weakness

And press your ideas further, this time thrown with more force.

I fall to my knees under the weight,

That bestows themselves, upon my shoulders, like winter leaves....