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Mind Noise

The debut collection of poetry from performance and social media poet Ash Raymond James.  It is underlined with the theme of hope filtered through a megaphone and takes you on a journey through the static of a wandering mind.  This poet discusses love, mental health and a range of other topics in entertaining and humorous ways.  It is poetry for the now.  It is both human and alien at the same time and is a journey worth taking.

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  New Voices in the Valley (Book  1 of The Valleys series) by [Karenne Griffin]


New Voices in The Valley

The Red Dragon Inn, at the heart of the village of Allt-yr-Coch, is the prime venue for local rock bands. To newcomer Danuta, the people of the Welsh Valleys appear mostly eccentric, passionate about singing and making music. They converse in Wenglish, a puzzling mixture of Welsh and English. It all seems pretty harmless on the surface, but underneath lies a far more sinister element. Nobody expected events in this small village to have repercussions in the wider world.

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Scream at the Mountains

World famous rock band Atonement visits Allt-yr-Coch to perform in the home town of their singer, Darren Jones. Unfortunately the criminal underworld hasn't forgotten Darren's part in the downfall of a terrorist. Deborah has a desperate urge to scream at some mountains.  There seems no better place to do this than Allt-yr-Coch. Other than this, life goes on as usual in the sleepy Welsh village. Or does it?

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Scream at the Mountains (The Valleys Series Book 2) by [Karenne Griffin]  

Beyond the Island

We all wonder what we will find when researching our ancestors, and Robyn is no exception when she leaves Sydney on a business trip to England. Seeking the missing link in her father’s family tree she visits Cornwall, and things start to fall into place. But there are consequences when she decides to remain in England longer than initially planned.

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Return to the Island

Australian-born Robyn is determined to put the remaining pieces of the family tree into place. Two years after her fathers death, she and her mother return to England. Upon reaching Cornwall they pluck up the courage to visit Roskenner House, the former home of Robyn's great-grandmother Josephine. The mansion is now owned by artist Raven Garstang, and she and her partner become intrigued by the history of their home. They all take a boat trip to Hogshead Island, where Josephine met the love of her life, James.  Before long Robyn falls madly in love. Will the search for her ancestors take second place to her infatuation?

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Twenty Years On

Twenty years after leaving school Fran decides it's time to organise a reunion. Duncan points out most of the class of 1997 still live in Middle Notham. Others are sceptical that it will turn into an excuse for those who have done well to indulge in some serious one-upmanship. Will anyone who moved away take up the invitation? What about those who haven't fared so well? Is dredging up the past always a good idea?

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Bus Pass Holiday

In May 2014, Karenne Griffin spent five days travelling around Wales using her bus pass. This is the story of the places she visited, the people she met, the fun she had, and how easy it was to get about for free.

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Bus Pass Holiday #2

What better way to travel around Wales than by bus. Sitting back admiring the scenery while someone else does the driving. Dramatic mountains, the seaside, forests, farmland … Wales has it all. Regular stops for tea and cake, or a visit to the pub. Staying in a cosy bed and breakfast for the longer trips, or perhaps on a whim when you’re having too much fun to bother returning home at the end of the day. The best thing is, it's all free if you have a bus pass. The travel, that is … sadly the accommodation, teas and pub lunches have to be paid for. This is the second volume of Karenne Griffin's Bus Pass Holiday series, covering trips made during 2015 and 2016.

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