Writing Journey

The accomplishment of my first creation is a clear memory.  It created in me a love of poetry and later prose that still remains.

My Grandfather was a published poet and it was he, who gave me my love of words and nurtured my talent.  Through my teenage years, my writing became a way of expressing my emotions and I read alongside, some well known members of the poetry community.

After my Grandfather passed, I choose to keep my writing hidden and now 20 years later, I am keen to share my life, through my prose and poetry.

Writing to me is about expressing my experiences and the connecting of emotions, through the power of words.  To be able to share the isolation that can be experienced in life, and shine a light, through humour, and the serious nature it sometimes entails, is a liberating experience.


Who Am I?

I am a survivor and conqueror of life.  Like

a flower, I continue to bloom. My

colours flourish, as my soul emanates from my

eyes and laughter escapes from my mouth.